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Central Mountains Baptist Church financially supports:

The Chovan Family,

The De La Fuente's

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The Chovan Family

The Chovan Family have their own web site. For more information on their activies, please visit http://evangelistrandychovan.org.








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The De La Fuente's in Argentina

Argentina- an overview:

Argentina's FlagArgentina's history has been strongly influenced by both Roman Catholicism and secular philosophy. Though still officially a Roman Catholic country, many people have become disenfranchised with the Church. Church attendance is very low. As a developing country with a very shaky economy, people have a tendency to look to groups that they think can provide for their material and physical needs. Charismatic groups and cults are all very active in Argentina. Materialism and spiritual apathy are pervasive. Also, fractured families, widespread immorality, and infidelity and, in certain places, even bigamy make ministry in Argentina especially challenging.

Religious Distribution:
Argentina's Religious Distribution Graph

The Argentine Republic experienced varied political leadership following its independence from Spain in the 19th century. The Fascist-style government of Juan and Evita Peron in the 1940's was followed by a series of military dictatorships until the government reverted to a parliamentary democracy in 1982.

Rampant inflation followed hard on the heels of the nation's turbulent politics. However, a new monetary system and government spending cuts heralded the beginning of an economy that has grown and stabilised since the late 1980s.

Argentina contributes substantially to the character of the entire South American continent. Second only to Brazil in size, its large land mass divides naturally into three topographical and climatic areas.

Over one-third of the Argentine population lives in or near the capital city of Buenos Aires. Following Spanish colonisation, the residual Indian population occupied the border areas of the country while European immigrants spurred modernisation, making Argentina one of the most industrialised of the major Latin American nations. Argentina's cattle production and grain export is second only to that of the United States.

The De La Fuentes
The De La Fuentes are missionaries serving with Biblical Ministries Worldwide (BMW). Their mission there with BMW is that of church planting in the capital city of Beunos Aires. They aim to plant spiritually productive local churches which will, God willing, lead to the salvation of many Argentine people. The churches will be aimed at three areas: evangelism, discipleship and the development of leadership amongst the Argentine christians.

Danile and Nellly De la Fuente