From time to time, church members and invited guests are asked give their testimonies of how they came to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ.

Some of these are found below as MP3 files. We trust you will find these the blessing they have been to our congregation.

To Download a File, Right Click on the Person's Name and Select "Save Target As". The Length (min:sec) and size of the file is indicated in the square brackets.

     Miriam Drozd  Miriam Drozd [01:16 / 0.4MB]

     Shalon Gourlay and Sons   Shalon Gourlay [05:28 / 1.6MB]

     Andrew Levingston       Andrew Levingston [13:55 / 9.7MB]

     Helen Levingston   Helen Levingston [08:11 / 5.7MB]

     Mandy MacArthur     Mandy MacArthur [05:16 / 1.5MB]

     Debbie Marsh     Debbie Marsh [28:24 / 8.3MB]

     Elijah Martinovici  Elijah Martinovici [11:05 /11.3MB]

     Alison Sheehan   Alison Sheehan [13:59 / 4.0MB]